An Example of an Essay: Why Are Students the Most Vulnerable to Scams?

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Without any doubts, adults are more experienced and can easily deal with the majority of troubles that seem to be impossible to solve for teenagers. However, it does not mean that students have no way of dealing with fraudster on the Web. Sure, they should know the most important rules of behavior with a stranger and never rely on online friends too much. It may lead to the unpleasant and even sad consequences when young people regret being too naive and untutored. Criminals usually use these qualities as it is much easier to delude someone unsophisticated than to cope with an experienced and acknowledged person. Are there any exact reasons why scammers prefer college or school students instead of ordinary adults? Of course, you can find them below.

Stressful Events

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Without any exaggeration, students’ life is full of stress and events which cause it every day. Even an argument with classmates may lead to such emotional condition. Moreover, teenagers cannot fight off stress effectively and that is why they are very vulnerable to online scams. It is proved by the recent research that people who are under pressure and are emotionally unstable are easy victims for fraudsters. Thus, teenagers quickly fall into the traps of hackers. They simply want to get rid of their problems in a moment and do not think about the consequences. In addition, all attention of a possible victim of a fraudster is concentrated on the stressful event which has happened in his or her life. As a result, people cannot recognize even the simplest tricks which make them waste their money and time. The worst thing is that after all, a young person starts feeling even more stressed than it was before meeting a scammer.

Desire to Make Quick Money

Probably all teenagers would like to make money quickly and without any efforts. Hence, they use all possibilities they see. Sometimes fraudsters use this desire. They create specific financial pyramids where young people invest all saved money and even ask their parents for help. Sure, it leads to huge debts and disappointment. As a result, students get no profit from such an activity but just bring more income to unfair owners of these pyramids. This problem is not as topical for adults as they have an opportunity to work at a full-time job and earn a lot of money. Teenagers who still study at school or college often complain that they have a lack of finances and do not want to ask parents for support anymore. Part-time jobs usually offer small salaries and demand a lot of time.

Unfulfilled Desires

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Without any doubts, desires which a young person cannot fulfill because of different reasons, usually, make them more vulnerable to online crimes. They do not use their intelligence while encountering such a problem but orient on the emotions which are often false and irrational. As a result, these students are used by fraudsters who can monitor person’s mental conditions and urge him or her to do something. There is a simple survey which proves that people often take their desires but not rationale into account. For example, when teenagers are hungry, they would rather pay attention to an advertisement of a new snack than to anything else. Moreover, they will probably order them right at this moment. It is truly hard to fight against your needs and control your actions even if you know that you do not have to buy this deeply in your mind. It can be related to any other items and advertisements. People tend to trust even the silliest posters and letters sent by fraudsters in case they need a certain thing in the current moment.

Lack of Experience

Probably the main reason why fraudsters choose exactly teenagers for their scams is that these young people still have no life experience. They cannot protect themselves from criminals on the Internet and usually do not even recognize them among average users. Adults rarely have such a problem as they often scroll news, where the most common situations when people become victims of scams are explained. Moreover, they have already seen lots of thing on their own. However, teenagers have not such a benefit even if they use the Internet a lot. They use to believe almost everyone on social networks and call these people their friends. Sure, it leads only to the huge disappointment and stress after realizing that you were deluded by a criminal.

All in all, there are lots of reasons why exactly young people become the victims of fraudsters. They are truly vulnerable to different scams. That is why the main task for all of them is learning the effective ways of fighting against them and being able to recognize a fraudster. Unfortunately, many teenagers do not even realize how terrible the consequences of online crimes may be. They can do the absolutely real harm to you or your family. Consequently, you should be careful and understand the importance of providing the Internet security in order to protect yourself.

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