Scams Which Online Fraudsters Use with Teenagers: Know the Danger

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As we said in the previous article, there are some beneficial and easy ways of protecting yourself from strangers on the social networks. However, it is not enough if you want to feel fully secured from online scams. The main target of every young person should be providing reliable protection on the Internet as all of them are attractive objects for criminals. Thousands of people lose their money, items, and even health just because they are not aware of the most typical and widespread online scams. The best way of protecting yourself from their harm is surely learning these things. If you know what you should expect, you will never be trapped. That is why our team created a list of the most common fraudsters’ tricks. In these ways, they try to steal your passwords, money, and information. Hence, you have to be attentive and share this information with your friends in order to secure them from these troubles as well.

Charity Organizations

There are lots of fraudsters that try to earn money in such a dishonest way. They trick other people and make them send thousands of dollars to charity organizations which do not exist for real. How do they do it? Online offenders create lots of advertisements, which awaken your emotions or send you e-mails, which include haywire stories or photos. They can make you feel mercy, upset, kind and so on. Anyway, you will probably have a strong desire to give at least several dollars to this charitable community. Thus, these fraudsters get millions of dollars only thanks to naive people who do not check any information before sending money. What should you do in this case? Sure, not all of the charitable advertisements are dishonest. Some of these organizations really need your help. Therefore, you should contact its director, find some materials about it on the Internet or ask them to show the license. Fraudsters are usually afraid when people try to discover more about the charitable project and they will probably refuse to give you any information.

Financial Pyramids

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This method is not new, but it still works and millions of people suffer from it. Probably your parents have noticed the first signs of this scam at their teenage years. However, fraudsters have already improved their schemes and adapted them to the modern life. That is why you receive dozens of letters on your e-mail box every week where you are asked to create an account on different websites and invest some money to a certain organization. Sure, it is a trap and you will get no income from it. Nevertheless, many students are deluded by wonderful promises of having a lot of money while doing nothing. There is no wonder why it happens so often. Young people wish to be financially independent and make their own money. Anyway, it is important to avoid such e-mails and simply ignore any messages with links to unreliable websites. You will regret signing to such a financial scheme later and have to pay lots of debts.

Winning a Great Prize in the Lottery

Of course, all of us would be happy to win at least something in the lottery. Nowadays, people receive tons of e-mails which say that they have won a large sum of money or a valuable prize. Yes, it sounds good and you have probably got such letters. The majority of students are too happy and excited while receiving such messages and do not think that it is a simple scam. How can a person win a lottery where he or she does not participate? The main question which appears is what you have to do in order to get your prize. As a rule, fraudsters ask teenagers to send their personal information, including the number of their card and its passwords. Or they ask happy winners to pay an admission fee. Probably no one thinks enough before sending 50 dollars in case they have won a thousand. That is how online criminals become incredibly rich. The worst thing is that you give them your money on your own. They do not steal it for real and you cannot prove this fact.


Online Lottery

This scam is probably the most widespread and fraudsters use it quite often nowadays even if the majority of people know that there may be lots of tricks and crimes on the Internet. It means that lots of students and even adults believe such scams and think that these are not just a delusion. As a rule, criminals ask teenagers to send them some personal information which none of the real companies will ask. For example, this may be a password to your deposit in the bank or a photo of your credit card. These things are not necessary to people who sell you something or with whom you make some deals. If you receive such e-mails, it is better to ignore them at all and do not cause problems.

To sum up, there are some typical tricks which online fraudster use for decades and people still trust these things. Students are probably the most subjected to such scams. They look for quick money and effortless ways of getting them. However, it is not that simple for real. As a rule, these teenagers lose lots of finances and nerves before they cope with all troubles caused by the Internet criminals. It mostly happens because they are not aware of effective ways of protecting themselves from fraudsters and techniques used by these unfair people. Hopefully, you will memorize our tips and typical situations when students are deluded by scammers.

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