Strangers on the Internet: The Best Ways of Securing Yourself

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It is true that more and more students become victims of the Internet criminals. They do not even realize that their online friends may be evil and insidious for real. As a result, these teenagers fall into the trap of offenders and then have to waste a lot of time and money in order to cope with the consequences of their careless behavior. Up to 50% of people have become the victims of fraudsters online. Sure, it is a pity as you can prevent these problems thanks to several simple tips. Hence, all your meetings online will be pleasant and you will be able to gain some true and reliable friends online without being tricked by a fraudster. Unfortunately, many students do not care about their security online and are not aware of the basic rules of behavior on the Internet. Hopefully, you have already learned some things about protection of your computer from viruses and spam. Now, it is time to reveal some major points which will be useful for you while communicating with strangers and indicating their intentions.

Hide Your Personal Information

First of all, you have to hide your personal information from others. It happens that teenagers write down their real address, phone numbers and so on. If everyone can get an access to these things, you will probably suffer from fraudsters. They may try to rob you in the reality, steal money from your deposit in the bank or do the physical harm to you. Of course, no one wants to suffer from such troubles. However, it is essential to hide some points of your biography and do not let others use it against you.

Never Trust Fraudster

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It may be really hard to recognize the professional Internet fraudsters as they always try to hide their intentions. Sure, they will probably look friendly and easy-going. Such positive people usually awaken only pleasant emotions and experiences. However, there should be some things that will make you behave carefully. Is it possible to understand if you meet a criminal or an ordinary person who just looks for new friends?

  • Fraudsters will try to get more information about your personal belongings, apartment, and real address. It should make you think well before continuing communication with such a person. Sure, average users of social networks may be interested in your native city or your favorite places in the state. However, they will never ask you for an exact location of your flat. This thing is interesting only for criminals, who will try to rob your apartment as soon as they know its address;
  • Hackers often try to get some information about your deposit in the bank and your passwords. Sure, it is disappointing to realize that you have just given an access to all your money to a fraudster. People used to rely on anyone who seems to be honest and reliable even if they do not know him or her well. That is the thing which online offenders use;
  • Average Internet users will never ask you about your financial status and income. It is not polite to do such things first of all. However, fraudsters use some psychological tricks in order to make you trust them and think that it is a normal thing to discuss your personal income, salary and save money. In case a person tries to get aware of this information in any possible way, you should be careful.

Do Not Demonstrate Your Financial Status

It is important to avoid publishing photos of the luxurious things which you have and discussing such topics with people whom you do not know well on the social networks. If a stranger tries to reveal some of your secrets, you should be careful as it can be a trick that helps a fraudster to comprehend the financial status of the possible victim. Therefore, it is better to avoid the theme of money at all. Sure, you should not get paranoid and think that everyone who asks you about your job wants to know your salary, savings, and password to your credit card.

Pay Attention to a Stranger’s Profile

Without any doubts, you have to analyze an online profile of your new friend. In case you see a fake page, it is probably a fraudster and you should not rely on this person too much. Pay attention to his or her photos and personal information. Moreover, you have to look how long ago these things were updated. Take into account the friend list as well. Maybe, there are some common mates and it means that you can trust this user or ask others about him or her. In case you understand that this profile was created several days ago, this may be an offender who tries to get some important information from you.

Time Is Your Benefit

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Do not be too fast while making decisions and communicating with your online mates. Think twice before agreeing to meet with them in the real life. Moreover, you should monitor your relationships and do not let fraudsters control you. Keep in mind that it is better to communicate longer and then meet with this person instead of revealing all your personal information in a hurry. Remember that normal and adequate users will never argue in case you refuse to tell them something. Only criminals will try to use your emotions and feelings and make you reveal all secrets in a moment.

All in all, there are some important things, which will help you feel secure while talking to strangers on the Internet. Sure, they are as dangerous as real criminals. However, it may be harder to protect yourself from them. Moreover, there is no one who can do it for you as even the police are forceless in this case. For example, if you reveal all your passwords to a stranger on the Internet, you will have nobody to blame when money disappears from your account. Consequently, it is essential to know the main rules of behavior with strangers online and avoid fraudsters on social networks as well. In the next article, we will explain the typical students’ mistakes on the Internet, which lead to sad consequences and make young people victims of crimes.

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