How to Provide the Safety on the Web?

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As we explained in the previous article, there are some significant reasons to provide an effective security for yourself online. The Internet issues can influence your real life greatly and even inflict harm. Lots of crimes are committed online every day and no one can guarantee that you will not become the next victim of these offenders. Unfortunately, there is no exact mechanism, which provides you with a full online security, so everyone has to care about own safety. Hence, what should you do in such a case? Some people find that it is better to refuse from using the Internet at all. Nevertheless, it is impossible if you are a student or just an ordinary modern person. Your duties and hobbies demand to be online very often. All of us know that the Internet has millions of benefits and we cannot disagree that it plays an influential role nowadays. You will simply feel alienated without it. Luckily, there are some nice ways of using it safely and providing online security for you and the members of your family.

Prefer Reliable Passwords

Sure, it may seem a waste of time for the majority of people as they think that they will never become the victims of hackers. However, as we said no one is secured from it, so it is better to care about your passwords beforehand. Keep in mind that the simple ones just attract thieves and you will definitely regret choosing them. Therefore, first of all, you have to pay enough attention to your passwords. There are some good rules of creating the strong ones quickly:

  • It is better to prefer complicated passwords which include both letters and figures. You should combine them in any order you like, but avoid such passwords as “123Name”. They are too easy to discover and then a thief can easily steal your information, money or other things;
  • Recall some significant things or phrases, which you will be able to remember. They are much better than something random. You can use citations from your favorite books, names of characters and so on. The main point is that no one else should be able to understand this password;
  • Do not write your passwords down, especially right on your computer or in the notebook which anyone can take. In this way, you can easily lose an access to all your online accounts and become a victim of a crime. You should put down password only in reliable places, where nobody can find them;
  • Also, surely, you should create different passwords for all of your accounts. In case you use the same one, you will lose everything at the one moment from your Facebook profile to a bank card. It will worsen the situation greatly.

Read Information Attentively

It usually happens that Internet users just do not pay attention to various instructions of the software that they install and as a result, lots of viruses and other harmful programs may appear. Sure, it is a pity to suffer from your own inattentiveness. Hence, you should diligently read all information about websites, programs and so on. Do not just sign the application form below this instruction if you are not sure that developers of this software are honest. In addition, you should think well in case you see that installing a certain program demands your personal information, such as address, a number of your bank card or something like that. This may be one of the tricks of online fraudsters.

Be Careful in Chat Rooms

It is true that almost everyone uses chat rooms now and there may be lots of dishonest people as well. Anyway, students spend there the majority of their free time. A young person has to be careful on social networks while communicating with strangers. Of course, you should not find everyone whom you meet there a fraudster, but it is silly to rely on people you know only on the Internet. A great part of all online crimes was committed because of inattentiveness and carelessness in chat rooms. Young people told their addresses, real names, passwords to strangers and then they lost all their money or were injured by offenders. Hence, you should never reveal your personal information to someone, who you do not know as it will definitely lead to the huge disappointment. In addition, you have to think well before agreeing to meet the Internet friend in real life. This person may be completely different and try to do harm to you.

Do Not Reveal All Personal Information

Social Networks

It is important to be careful on social networks while publishing something about yourself. You should limit the amount of information you post online. Of course, there should not be your real address, phone number or data from your bank. If you reveal such things, you are an easy victim for the Internet criminals. Keep in mind that anyone can visit your page and use your personal details against you. Thus, you have to be very careful in such a case. Do not forget that this rule is related to photos as well. Of course, you can post them, but do not publish some with valuable items you have, pictures of your apartment, car and so on. It often attracts thieves.

Do Not Download Strange Files

Hacker Attack

Keep in mind that even if you receive such a file on your e-mail, you should not download and open it. There may be lots of viruses, spy programs, and other unpleasant stuff. Consequently, you have to ignore any attachments except those that your friends sent. Remember that this is one of the most typical ways of getting Internet viruses. It happens just because people trust to every letter they receive and ready to download all files because of naive interest.

Anti-Virus Programs

It is very important to use specific anti-virus programs and protect your computer. Sure, they will not save you from professional hackers, but these criminals will probably not attack your PC. You should just have a basic protection from harmful programs and different viruses, which can delete all information on your laptop or even be spies. In this way, you will receive less spam, your computer will work more effectively and faster. It is better to choose not free, but reliable software while choosing anti-virus for yourself.

All in all, there are lots of important rules of using the Internet without any harm to you or your personal computer. Just learn them and you will prevent tons of unpleasant issues in the future. Keep in mind that it is always better to avoid some problems instead of dealing with their consequences. Hopefully, you will save yourself and your relatives from becoming victims of online fraudsters. In the next article, we will present some beneficial ways of coping with strangers on social networks and providing security for yourself in such cases.

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