The Business of Writing International Summit – 2014 Summit Fun Stuff

A listing of interesting things you might want to know about the Summit:

We award a prize for the first person who registers each year.

We award a prize for the person whom travels the farthest from their current home to attend the Summit. In 2012 and 2013, the winner traveled over 1500 miles to attend. Speakers are not eligible for this prize.

Every attendee received a door prize at the 2013 and 2014 Summits. This is our goal for 2015 as well.

Your name is called for a door prize based upon the order in which you registered. The second person to register is the first person to be called for a door prize. Register early!

We will have a “free” table at the 2014 Summit. This is a common feature at fan-produced conventions and conferences. This is a table where you can place flyers or brochures for other attendees to help themselves to, without paying any fee to do so. Authors can place bookmarks advertising their books, attendees can advertise a future event they are planning, you can place flyers about your writers group and so forth. The free table can be a great place to learn about other events. All material should be of interest to authors and writers. Any material deemed obscene, inflammatory or otherwise offensive in the sole discretion of Summit management will not be permitted.

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